BZERO Sense & Control

A range of sensors and controllers

Collect continuous data and control using our algorithms.

BLE wireless multifunctional sensors

- PIR and Microwave
- Dimmer controllers
- Relay switches
- Circadian and RGB drivers

Local manual controls

- BLE switches
- Solar powered scene switch
- Touch display panel


AQI, T/RH, People count,
Controlled power socket for plug-load management


E.g. share occupancy data with BMS

The BLE Network

  • BLE devices capture data per Micro zone and control lighting
  • Install stand-alone sensors or integrated with the light fixtures
  • Sensor grouping for different zones to create consistent behavior
  • Configure BLE Devices with the Intuitive Mobile App

Versatile Smart Sensor

Small footprint

Bluetooth wireless mesh network

- 0-10V PWM dimming control
- Dual output version for Circadian
- Triple output version for RGB

Small footprint

- PIR presence detection
- In-build program memory

Lux light level detection