BZERO Lumisense

Efficient lights at high Lm/W

Light fixtures with integrated sensor-controllers.

We work closely with owners, consultants, designers, architects to define the optimal solution.

High efficiency LED lights (~ 200 Lm/W)

Easy installation and maintenance: only need 220V

Wireless Lighting Control
Simplifies reconfiguration of light groups and building upgrades, no re-wiring required

Wide range of lamp types and fixtures

Expandable with AiON functions like power usage, occupancy map, maintenance data


2 step dimming: configure time delays and levels


Lux sensor for Daylight Harvesting

  • Integrated controller will balance additional influx of Lux by dimming lighting fixtures, thus providing energy saving and a stable environment
  • This is highly effective for areas or buildings with windows.

Presence and zone based lighting control

  • Integrated controllers manage lights per micro zone,  turning them On / Off / Dim
  • Different programming and grouping based on the usage of a zone
  • The bigger the scale of a building, the higher the saving
Presence and zone based lighting control

Car Park, Walkway, Warehouse

Low-level lighting for security when no activity detected

Adjust light levels higher when sensors detect activity

Maintain sufficient light levels when there is sustained activity

Manually controlled scenes

Self sustained solar powered smart switch for scene control, Eco friendly – no batteries

Used for e.g. meeting rooms, private offices

Circadian Lighting Controls

Circadian lighting automatically follows the time of the day and switches from daylight to warm color for health benefit

Bzero-Circadian Hospital


BCA Green Mark

Lumisense is fully compliant with the BCA Green Mark qualification SLEB / Netzero, well beyond Platinum building qualification.